Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Is Laughing Healthy ?

Everybody can laugh, even babies can laugh before they can talk. We laugh every day. Animal can laugh. Kelpo can laugh. Historian theorized that laughing could possibly the way of communicating before people talk. So, is it good ? Is laughing healthy ? Let's quickly uncover the mystery of laughter.

Laughing is healthy. When you laugh, your body release chemicals that can affects your emotion, this chemicals will calm you from stress and make you happier. The blood in your body will flow faster if you laugh, and the muscle also work out when you laugh. It is said that laughing for 100 times is the same like riding bicycle for 15 minutes ! From some references, laughing can burns your calories. But laughing at the wrong times is rude !

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Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Happy Birthday, KelpoLova !

This week I am celebrating my beloved blog KelpoLova's birthday, which was in 12 March 2011. I was late, so I claimed this month as KelpoLova's first birthday, also the month when New Kelpo was born. As well as celebrating KelpoLova's birthday, I'm also going to share when the tradition 'birthday' started, or who invented 'birthday' !

According to me, birthday started as soon as the system of Calendar was invented. Historians assumed that birthday celebration started in Ancient Egypt, about 1000-3000 BC. In that time, only the Pharaohs, or the kings could celebrate birthday. Centuries later, it is believed that evil spirits would be more dangerous at people's birthday, that is why people celebrate birthday by parties, to scare away the evil spirit.